Heat DAMAGE to your roof


The high temperatures in the summer can warm up any home, but they can also cause damage to the surfaces of that structure, especially the roof. Heat damage to a roof isn’t something to ignore. Without recognizing what’s happening, your roof can warp and, eventually, need to be replaced.

Common Signs of Roof Heat Damage

An annual roofing inspection is the best way to pinpoint the presence of roof damage (and other damage to the structure). That’s best done by a professional. Whether you or a professional inspect the roof, there are a few things to look for that indicate you need to make repairs.

  • Roof material curling. High heat on asphalt shingles can cause the edges to curl upward, leading to an uneven surface. Typically this is the first sign of significant damage and can be spotted from the ground in some areas.
  • Cracking roof materials. The material of the roof may also start to crack. This is brought on by the direct sunlight and high temperatures drying out the material too much. As they dry out, they become more fragile until they eventually break. You may notice portions of the roofing material missing.
  • Change in color. The UV rays on the roof also can discolor the surface. Most of the time, this leads to shading, which you may notice if you compare the coloring on one side compared to the other.
  • Blistering of roof materials. The roofing shingles may also start to blister, which occurs when small pockets of moisture within the shingle dry out and pop. This can cause damage to the integrity of the structure.
  • Rusting can occur. In some situations, water and heat can cause a metal roof to become discolored. That could be rust developing.

Though modern roofing materials are designed to withstand high heat, especially if you choose the most appropriate option for your home, with temperatures in many areas rising, this is an ongoing problem.

How to Fix a Hot Roof

One of the most important factors in roof damage is not just the direct sunlight penetrating downward onto the surface but the heat coming up from within the home. The upper portion of the home, such as the attic or the eaves of the roof, can be much hotter than other areas during the summer months. If there’s a lack of proper ventilation within the roofing structure, that traps that air in place, increasing temperatures even further. Your cooling bills are likely to rise, too.

In most situations, improving the roof ventilation can significantly help to reduce high heat within the roof. Keep in mind that this doesn’t fix damaged roofing, though. For that, you may need to have the structure re-roofed or the entire roof torn off and replaced.

If the heat damage to the roof is due to the sun and high temperatures in the area, you may need to choose a new type of roofing material for your home. Look for products that are designed to handle intense heat without failure.

The combination of improving ventilation and replacing damaged roofing tiles with heat-resistant products offers a number of benefits to your home:

  • It protects your roof’s integrity, which ultimately protects your home.
  • It adds value to your home.
  • It may work to lower your cooling costs during the summer months, saving you money.
  • It can minimize the risk of moisture problems that can cause mold and mildew damage.
  • Proper ventilation can extend the life of your roof.

Suspect Heat Damage to Your Roof?

If you believe your roof could have heat damage, let our team of highly skilled technicians take a look. Contact AAA Roofing Company today for an inspection and a quote for repairs or roof replacement.


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